What is DrupalCamp Bangalore?

DrupalCamp Bangalore 2017 is the second edition of the popular Drupal conference in Bangalore. 2015 edition we saw 550 people congregating at CMRIT and had a lot of learning & fun.

This year again DrupalCamp Bangalore is expected to be the largest gathering of Drupalers in South India and it will be a place for everyone to gather, interact, and learn with each other. It will also be a great opportunity for companies to get involved with the community, meet developers from other cities, and showcase their passion for the Drupal community. 

In Feb 2016 we had first DrupalCon Asia organized in Mumbai which saw 1500+ participants coming in from various part of the world. This was followed by a very successful DrupalCon New Orleans. Let’s continue the love of Drupal community and get ready for first DrupalCamp in India this year. 

About the Community

The Drupal community leads the development and direction of the Drupal project as a whole. One of the tasks of the community is to help people learn Drupal and build contacts to encourage adoption and sustain development.

One of the ways the community does this is to conduct various Drupal meetups and camps throughout the year. Every major city holds at least one Drupal camp every year. 

One of the ways this becomes possible is with contributions and sponsorships from various organizations. Sponsors help make these events possible and reap numerous benefits which further their presence in the Drupal ecosystem.

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