Managing media assets in Drupal 8

Introduction -

Adding media management into a Drupal site isn’t as straightforward. Drupal doesn’t handle media very well when compared to other systems. But with Drupal 8 managing media has got a lot better!

Drupal 8.4.x has media entity support now. While Drupal core already has generic file and image upload support, the new module will improve asset reusability and be extensible to support video, remote media, embedding, and so on.

The biggest winners from better media support are not so experienced individuals who face issues while working with contributed modules and companies that are invested in Drupal with complex media sites.

In this session, We will show you how to set up media management in Drupal 8. 


1. How to store assets (Including external services like Youtube) 

2. How to embed assets

3. How to browse assets and re-use the existing assets


This session is open to all but would be more beneficial to the ones who have explored Drupal before.