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Drupal is used by Fortune 500 companies and tier 1 companies list Drupal as the niche skill. Companies are searching for Drupal talents. Nearly 6,000 jobs are listed in Naukri & LinkedIn. There is a huge shortage of qualified Drupal professionals.  Need more reasons to learn & build your career in Drupal and achieve personal goals?

DrupalCamp Bangalore is proud to offer a full day of training this year, December 16, 2017!

Drupal in a day training Bangalore, 16 December 2017


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Saturday, December 16, from 11:30am-4:30 pm,  we will offer a day-long course "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal 8". This class is geared toward users who are new to Drupal or need to learn Drupal 8. The class will get you up-and-running with Drupal 8 so that you are fully prepared to build your first website using Drupal CMS. This class will be entirely hands-on. You'll have a Drupal site in front of you and will be actively working and learning throughout the class.

What would be covered in the course:

  • Key concepts you need to understand, navigate, and use a Drupal site.
  • How to build a Drupal 8 site, from content and user to working with modules and themes.


  • Welcome + Introductions
  • Overview of Drupal 8 Features
  • What You Can Build with Drupal
  • Hands-on Demos: Drupal Content Management + Site Building
  • Overview of Backend Functionality + Custom Development
  • Meet the Drupal Community! Open Source + Community Involvement
  • QA + Open Discussion


If you are facing issue in installing above softwares, please add your comment here. Our volunteers would do their best to help you out.

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