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16th December 2017

Department of MCA,
R V College of Engineering, Bangalore

Jon Burr, Former CTO Farm Journal Media

About Drupal Camp Bangalore

Drupalcamp is one of the best conferences to reach target audiences. The event will be filled with informative sessions and Drupal-in-a-Day training.

The camp also makes business sense as it helps decision maker to know how the CMS can help their business grow. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for firms to interact with other entities.

Machine Learning by CloudxLab

Nearly 55% of firms will adopt the technology within the next two years, SAP. And tons of them are going all out to hire competent engineers.


Sponsored by:


Sandeep Giri is a founder of CloudxLab, KnowBigData and tBits Global. He has over 15 years of experience in building software products and big data analysis


The workshop provides an introduction to Machine Learning and we will build a digit recognizer.


Machine Learning is hot! The session aims to introduce newbies to the world of Machine Learning and its adoption in the future market.


You will also get a digital certificate which you can print or share on Linkedin.


This year's session tracks include:

The sessions will walk you through Drupal and its best practices. You will also gain insight into the latest digital tools.

Coding and Development
Core Conversations
Dev Ops
Drupal Contribution
Drupal Showcase
Front End
Performance and Scaling
Project Management
Site Building

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