Beyond the web : Creating hybrid mobile apps using Drupal and Ionic2

Building mobile apps just got easier with the Ionic 2 and Drupal 8. This talk will focus on integrating Ionic 2 mobile app with a Drupal 8 website. Communication between the mobile app and the micro-site backend will be provided using REST web services.

In this session, we will walkthrough:

  • An Introduction to Ionic Framework

  • Why Ionic Framework?

  • How to use Drupal for mobile application?

  • How to setup a Drupal 8 enabling REST

  • Building an ionic 2 application with predefined templates

  • Integrate ionic with Drupal 8 using the REST services.

and then will move into a live demo. We will build a simple app integrated with existing drupal website with features like login, data listing and data creation.