Introduction to Emulsify: A Component-driven prototyping tool using Pattern Lab

Emulsify is a Pattern Lab prototyping tool and Drupal 8 starterkit theme build by Four Kitchens that uses Atomic Design principles to develop a living style guide that can be implemented in any CMS that supports twig.

This session will help you to understand the importance of using component driven development, will explain Pattern Lab and Emulsify tool.

This session will include,

  • An introduction to component-driven development
  • Using Atomic Design to organise your project
  • Automating a living styleguide
  • Using BEM to isolate styles within components
  • Creating flexible components with logical variables
  • Including smaller components inside larger ones
  • Implementing your components in a Drupal 8 theme

What will you get? 

  1. You will know how we can integrate atomic design and Pattern Lab with Drupal theme development

Track: Frontend

Experience level: Intermediate

Speaker: Safallia Joseph