Front-end BOT(Gulp) in Drupal

Using Gulp as a front-end automation(BOT) tool are often referred to as "build tools" because they are tools for running the tasks for building a website. For example Reloading the browser automatically, Compiling SASS or LESS, Optimising assets like CSS, JavaScript, and images & Synchronise browser etc.

This session will walk you through Front-end BOT using Gulp. We will see in detail Gulp which will be used as a front-end automation tool for running multiple tasks at a time like compile SASS to CSS and reload browser at the same time, Optimising assets like CSS, JavaScript, images and many more.

This session will cover high-level topics :

  1. Why Gulp?
  2. What we're setting up
  3. Gulp Installation
  4. Creating a Gulp Project
  5. Writing Your First Gulp Task & Use it
  6. Combining Gulp tasks

Attendees should be familiar with:

  1. Basic Drupal 8
  2. Basic knowledge of Node.js, NPM & Gulp

What will you get? 

  1. You will know how to use Gulp in sub-theme as a front-end automation tool for running the tasks to build a website.
  2. Using gulp bot will reduce development time, increase productivity with better coding Standards.

Track: Frontend

Experience level: Intermediate

Speaker: Kiran Kadam

Session Document link:

Readymade front-end automation ready to use: